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Owners Clubhouse Rentals

Public Clubhouse Rentals

Our clubhouse is available for homeowner or outside rentals. Hollyhills Clubhouse has an occupancy level of up to 150 people and is the perfect place for social events, meetings, or seminars. Please call 425.483.1661


Official Website of the Hollyhills Owners Association, Bothell, WA


• Have you concidered joining the Board of Directors...     Hollyhills Needs You!

• Don't forget to Vote!

• Greenbelt Brigade will be canceled in days of excessive heat. Please look at the electric sign and the website for updates.

• Please be conscious of your yard. In order to help with fire risk, please keep your grass maintained.


Site Purpose

The purpose of this site is to provide members access to information regarding Hollyhills Owners Association. This information includes the Board of Directors, Governing Documents, Maps, Contact Information, and other specific information on a limited basis.


This web site is maintained by Hollyhills Owners Association on a volunteer basis, and the records and documents on this web site are made available solely for general informational purposes. Hollyhills Owners Association Board of Directors and/or members make no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of this information or its legal significance. This site is in no way intended to be the Official record of the Hollyhills Owners Association. The information provided on this web site should not be construed as a certified copy. In situations in which the accuracy and reliability of the information is of paramount importance, the user is hereby cautioned not to rely upon information as made available on this web site. Instead, the user should obtain copies of the relevant records or documents as certified true and correct by the Hollyhills Owners Association.

Registered members receive important Community Association announcements via email (like upcoming Association meetings, community events, etc).Please be advised that portions of this web site are available to the general public as public domain. However, the Association will maintain the privacy of its members regarding their home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, and such information will not be posted as part of the public domain.


Todd Smith, as the Hollyhills Clubhouse Manager. Currently a business owner in the field of multi-media production, Todd specializes in working with small businesses by empowering them with effective ways to reach potential customers or clients. He also brings a lengthy history of working with the public in the culinary and hospitality industries, where he gathered management experience and organizational skills. He is a talented musician, loves to cook, play golf, fly fish, and enjoys “shootin’ the breeze.

As clubhouse manager, Todd has three (among many) main goals: refine day-to-day clubhouse operations to achieve/maintain efficiency and effectiveness; create fun and engaging activities to bring the community together; help bring financial security to our community through marketing of the clubhouse for events; He very much appreciates this opportunity and he and his wife, Chika, look forward to meeting and working with all of you Hollyhills homeowners.